Visibility Clarity Blueprint

If you’re ready to improve your online business, course business or coaching structure and visibility without the overwhelm of not knowing where to start, then let’s get to it!

It’s hard enough running an online, course creation or coaching business without having to wrestle with all the bits and pieces and problems that comes with it....unless of course you’re trying to make things harder than they have to be.

But what if you could….

Get clear on your 

  • Ideas

  • Niche

  • Business model

  • Goals

  • Core values

  • Business vision

  • Offer Suite (including lead magnets)

  • Your ideal person - who you serve

  • Unique Selling Proposition - what makes you different

…without wasted energy, effort, money, time, and headaches? It would be worth it yes? I hope so, because I’d love to invite you to my 1:1 Personalised Visibility Clarity Blueprint.

Included in this Blueprint:

Phase 1. Pre-work & research where I do a mini audit into your business platforms and prepare for our call.

Phase 2. Our 2hr strategy session, where we meet over Zoom virtually and really dig deep into your goals and ideas and create the clarity blueprint.

Phase 3. I take the research and all the information from our call and wrap it all up in a tidy blueprint for you to utilise and apply to your business.

Plus, as a bonus, I'll give you a few recommendations on optimising your current digital platforms and if you decide to work with me in one of my done-for-you or coaching programs, I'll deduct the cost of this Intensive from the cost of the program.

  • Website

  • Social media

  • Funnels

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